Deep Water

DespairPhotographs by Michael Rauner
Deep Water

Premiered at the de Young Museum of San Francisco
October 17, 2014 

The set consists of two triptychs
oil paint and hand dyed papers on wood and aluminium
with three dimensional objects (bones, teeth, sea glass, flowers, razor blades, etc.) sunk in epoxy resin.
Each painting is self standing, with a welded aluminium stand, and felt bottoms.canvas with wood construction
4′ x 7′ each ©2014

A series using water as metaphor for emotional and psychological states.

“When in deep water, become a diver.” -(Celtic Rune, Uruz Reversed)

This body of work was created in response to the double suicide of my step daughter and close friend last October by the same method, eight days apart. My friend Monica Maduro was the youngest member ever on the board of directors at the de Young Museum. I was staying at her house on October 9th, 2013, the night my partner found our beloved daughter Emily Brewer dead. Monica followed on October 17th.

The show, “What Tethers Us?”, was held on October 17th, Monica’s day, and I brought together 18 artists from the community, with musicians (a marching band Monica was once a part of), a couture collection, a performance group, individual acts, and sound healers. It was a confirmation of life and connectedness in response to despair.

Creating this work was the most profound artistic experience of my life.
It truly healed, and I am honored to share it.